Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sega's Kinect

You plug it into your games console, it watches you move and it turns your wavy arms and kicking feet into killer kung-fu moves. No, not Kinect: Sega's 1993 Activator, which Destructoid called "the crappiest game peripheral ever made". The idea was sound but the implementation wasn't: your $80 didn't quite deliver the full-body tracking the ads implied - your movements were mapped to basic up, down, left, right, A, B, C and so on - and it was bulky, ugly and a pain to set up.

Seiko's smart watch

Samsung's Galaxy Gear is a very old idea: Seiko was making smartwatches such as the RC-1000 back in 1984. The RC-1000 was little more than a very simple PDA that you could control from a PC, but then again the Samsung Galaxy Gear doesn't do very much either.

Apple's premature iPhone

The MessagePad Newton was the iPhone a decade too early: battery technology was primitive, with early models sucking triple-A batteries dry in the blink of an eye; today's bright, capacitive touchscreens were many years away; and wireless connectivity and mobile broadband were yet to deliver on their promises. The Newton was a nifty tool, but it arrived too early to be the world-conquering monolith that 2007's iPhone would become.

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