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Amazon Deal of the Day: 75 Top-Rated Kindle Books $1.99 Each: Novels, Nonfiction, and More!


For today's edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers 75 top-rated Kindle books for just $1.99 Each! We also have a bunch of really cheap illustrated classics listed below!

Today only, 75 top-rated Kindle books are only $1.99 each. Kindle books can be read on iPad, iPhone, and Android/Windows devices with free Kindle reading apps, as well as Kindle devices.

-75 Top-Rated Kindle Books $1.99 Each: Novels, Nonfiction, and More!

- Jules Verne Collection, 33 Works: A Journey to the Center of the Earth, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in Eighty Days, The Mysterious Island, PLUS MORE! - $2.70
- Grimm's Fairy Tales: Complete and Illustrated (Over 200 Fairy Tales, with Illustrations, and Bonus Features) - $0.90
- Alice in Wonderland: The Complete Collection (Illustrated Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Illustrated Through the Looking Glass, plus Alice's Adventures Under Ground and The Hunting of the Snark) - $0.90
- Peter Pan: The Complete Adventures (Illustrated Peter Pan, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, and The Little White Bird) - $0.90
- Tales of Terror (Dracula, Frankenstein, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Phantom of the Opera, and 13 More Works of Vampires, Ghosts, and Classic Horror) - $0.90

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30% Off JCPenney Coupons 2014 - JCP Coupon Codes & Free Shipping

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Newark, DE -- ( SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- JCPenney or JCP, is a large chain of American department stores. They operate over 1,100 department stores across all 50 US states, as well as previously operating a catalogue business. As well as selling conventional merchandise, JCP stores also often house leased departments such as "Seattle's Best Coffee", portrait studios, and jewellery repair. JCPenney stocks a huge range of clothing for men, women and children, as well as a department for home items such as furniture, decorations and accessories. With such a huge range of products available from JCPenney, it's no surprise that they have literally dozens of top coupon codes on offer at any given time to save their customers money on their purchases.

- Save 30% OFF Entire Purchase + Free Shipping

- Get Up to 50% OFF Select Items

- View All Available JCPenney Coupon Codes & Deals

Let's take a look at a few of the JCPenney coupons currently available to use, and see just how beneficial they are. Using a JCPenney coupon regularly can save people a small fortune on essential household items, as well as treats and luxury items.

The first coupon available is one which anybody can use to save an extra 10% on their order from JC Penney. Some restrictions do apply, but 10% off is a great discount, and JCPenney has a huge range of clothing, home products, jewellery and accessories, so there is always something incredible to use the discount on!

The next coupon available offers up to 60% off selected items in the clearance sale. 60% is a whopping saving, more than half price! Certainly one which shouldn't be overlooked, coupons like this do not come up often, so it's important to take advantage of them when they do!

The third coupon available is one which entitles everybody to free shipping when spending $75 or more at JCPenney, this is a handy little freebie. Depending on how much is being purchased, delivery can cost up to $20, so this can make a great saving just by eliminating the delivery cost.

For those people whose orders don't exceed $75, they can make use of the JCPenney coupon code to have their items delivered free of charge to any of their physical store - once again eliminating any delivery charges!

JCPenney In-Store Coupons - Beneficial For The Consumer Society
The easiest mode of purchasing these dolls and sets are to purchase them online along with the jcpenney coupons codes. Especially in the case of buying a Doll or baby Furniture, it could prove to be a bit costlier for there are so many accessories that are made with minute attention and extreme dedication. The superfine refined products are extremely realistic to suit the imagination for the kids. When someone would like to purchase them for discount prices, the jcpenney printable coupons are great resources to cut down costs.

Some of the interesting options available in the store are listed below.
American girl, the bitty baby, New school clothes, Lingerie, School days dolls, The holiday apparel, The slumber wears for the dollies, Dressed to the nine's, The holiday apparel, Outdoor fun kit, Career outfits such as nurse dresses, The lee Middleton dolls, The dolling footwear, Physical therapy kits, The sports delight, The dolly sew casual, The boys department, Baby dolls for boys, The baby nursery, The Sewable dolls.

And more options are also there under each category. It is great to see the subdivisions under the category of physical therapy. From walkers to the arm support and the wheel chair, they almost have it all to entice the kid's imagination. Some of the board games sold in the site are quite interesting for the children as well. The costs associated towards the purchase of these commodities are not too high when compared to the actual worth of the products.

They are made so excellently to resemble the reality. The quality of the dolls, furniture sets, clothes and other accessories are of top quality. It is possible to use the same dolls and furniture sets for the children to be born in the years to come as well. They are ever new in their concepts and any children would well want to play with such interesting items.

A few important aspects that should be borne in mind while purchasing the jcpenney printable promotion are listed below:

- Will the jcpenney coupon expire?

- Who and all are eligible to use the particular set of jcpenney coupon codes.

- Is the fine printed copy of the jcpenney discount coupon important?

- Can I use the jcpenney printable code several times?

Get to know about these intricate facts out here in the official site of jcpenny and also avail the wonderful discounts available for a range of products available here. Save money smart ways and enjoy online shopping.

About HellloCoin people is working everyday to provide their customers with the latest JCPenney coupons and online codes, so never shop online till HelloCoin site is not checked, because amazing deductions for JCPenney and a lot more top US and worldwide known stores is here.

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Sideshow Collectibles Coupons 2014: $10 off Promo Codes + Free Shipping

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Fargo, ND -- ( SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- Sideshow Collectibles, set up in 1994, is one of the largest retailers of collectibles from popular films, television and comic book icons. The company which also has an online store features the most sought-after licensed collectibles and allows people to connect with their stars with ease. This California based enterprise is famous for its original and limited edition statues and busts, while celebrity enthusiasts can also buy film prop replicas and fine art pieces from their favorite movies, television shows and comic books series. The company not only manufactures almost all types of celebrity collectibles with an effort of a great team, but also retails the collectibles at an extremely cheaper price which makes it impeccably famous in the worldwide community of figural art enthusiasts. This year, the store is celebrating their 20th anniversary and is offering huge discount on its entire range of collectibles. Here are a few things about this online store, which would make the shopping experience even smoother.

- Click to Save $10 off Coupon Code

- Click to Get 40% off Discounts

- Click for Free Shipping Promotion

- Click and See All Coupons

How to make an order?
The easy to use user interface of this online store ensures a secure and pleasurable shopping experience for shoppers. Users can simply browse the brands and characters and select the product they want to buy. After selecting the product, the shopper has to hit the "Buy Now" tab, which will redirect him to the checkout window of the retailer's website. Users can add more products to their cart; however they can also close the order by making the payment.

What is the shipping policy?
The store ships internationally on the next business day from the date of purchase. The store features numerous shipping modes, and shoppers have to select one shipping mode at the time of checkout. Price and delivery time for all these shipping modes differ, so read carefully before making the selection. There are numerous products which fall under the free shipping policy of the store. So while shopping their favorite collectible, the shoppers can also save the shipping fee.

What's the return policy?
In case the shopper is not happy with the delivered product, goods purchased from this online store can be returned with the shipping receipt intact in original packaging to the store.

What are the discounts offered by the online store?
This online store keeps on releasing plenty of deals and shopping deals for their customers throughout the year. These offers are updated through, which keeps on updating them on a timely manner. is one of the leading coupon providers for almost all online stores shipping to the United States of America. The most popular coupon entries can be easily browsed across the "Popular" section on the home page, whereas another section named "New Releases" on the home page of OoHey, allows shoppers to find the most recent coupons entries. Specific coupons applicable on a particular store can be found by searching with the store name in the search-box at the top of the home page of OoHey. Hit the "view code" tab to get the coupon code, and then copy paste it to space left to add 'Promotional Code' or 'Coupons' on the checkout page of the retailer's website and the discounted price would get reflected in the final cart value instantly. Numerous other shopping deals are also available on OoHey, which allows users to find all products qualifying for a deal, listed on a single web page on the retailer's website. Shoppers can also subscribe to the newsletter of OoHey and get regular updates about recent coupon entries right in their inbox.

Users can avail the $10 off coupon code at which is applicable on all orders made at this online store. also features the Up To 40% off deal on the original prices of the collectibles with OoHey, while the Free Shipping Promotion is another great deal one could enjoy with OoHey. These deals and offers are updated regularly, so users can find numerous new listings for this online store throughout the year. Enjoy maximum savings with while shopping the most awesome collectibles.

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Frank: Sundance Review

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The Bottom Line


Sundance Film Festival (Premieres)


Lenny Abrahamson

Whimsy and madness mix for an very unappetizing cocktail indeed in Frank, a gently eccentric account of an avant-garde band whose leader wears a large artificial head with a cartoon face painted on it. Irish director Lenny Abrahamson clearly means to beguile with this weird mix of moods and methods -- goofy comedy here, sudden slashes of tragedy there, momentary eruptions of musical inspiration overshadowed by admitted mediocrity -- but the mash-up of elements combine with a singularly unpleasant roster of characters to create a work of genuinely off-putting quirkiness. Particularly gullible younger audiences and fringe music fans might synch up with the sensibility here to create a modest cult following, but on any serious level this oddball creation doesn't cut it.

VIDEO: 5 Breakout Stars at this Year's Sundance Film Festival

Co-screenwriter Jon Ronson drew on his own newspaper article and personal memories of the late cult musician Chris Sievey to collaborate with Peter Straughan on this little odyssey about an ill-fated band's attempt to record a new album and head from Ireland to Austin to appear at South By Southwest. Hobbling both the venture and the film is the invited intrusion of a young English lad Jon ( Domhnall Gleeson) into a very out-there band with the deliberately unpronounceable name of the Soronprfbs. An amusing opening sequences shows the carrot-topped kid making up inane lyrics to potential songs based on everything he sees while walking on the street. You'd think the boy has nowhere to go but up from here, but fat chance; he's a genius just waiting -- and waiting -- for genuine inspiration to hit.

Still, when the unpronounceables need an emergency keyboard player, Jon is in the right place at the right time. The gig is a disaster but Jon is nonetheless invited to join them in Ireland, where they have obtained a secluded country house by the water where they will shortly record a sure-to-be-mind-blowing album..

Comprising the unit under seeming manager Don ( Scoot McNairy) are the very scary and hostile theremin player Clara ( Maggie Gyllenhaal), French bassist Baraque ( Francois Civil) and drummer Nana (Carla Azar). And then there is Frank, the brains behind it all, a fellow who was seemingly once under treatment in a mental hospital but is, most of the time, most genial, even if he doesn't ever show his face. Frank is player by Michael Fassbender and, while it would be an unforgiveable spoiler to advise whether the actor ever shows his own face here, it is fair to say that the actor who gave his most exposed performance in Shame gives his most concealed one here.

Given his purported past medical problems, one can assume Frank is hiding something, from others as well as perhaps from himself. All the same, he is respected and revered by his band mates, even if Clara is exasperated by the generous acceptance and encouragement Frank gives to Jon, who still exhibits no signs of talent at all.

But perhaps Frank has his reasons, particularly when, with nothing recorded after their allotted month in the house, Jon pitches in with an inherited nest egg to sustain them there for some time to come. Eventually, snippets of interesting work get heard, but it's impossible to know what they've really got when, due to Jon's enterprising tweeting about their oh-so-cool activities, they land a gig at the SXSW festival in Texas, where they head at the film's 53-minute mark..

As the date of their appearances approaches, things go from bad to worse; band members quit and, at the last minute, Frank goes into a tailspin, his mental problems clearly reasserting themselves. On top of that, Jon must finally admit that he has no musical talent, that his dream was unjustified. For some reason, Frank always liked having him around, but his influence has, as he himself admits, been destructive.

The musical number played at the very end has a haunting quality that sends the film out on one of its better notes, but it doesn't disguise the fool's errand most of it has been. This is an odd work, to be sure, that may touch some people in a certain way that will be meaningful to them. There are fleeting moments of pleasure: A Viking-style funeral for a departed band member, an enjoyably ferocious performance by Gyllenhaal, random passage of music. But the best feeling is putting most of it out of your mind as quickly as possible.

Venue: Sundance Film Festival (Premieres)
Production: Element Pictures, Runaway Fridge
Cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Scoot McNairy, Michael Fassbender, Francois Civil, Carla Azar, Tess Harper, Bruce McIntosh, Haley Derryberry, Lauren Poole
Director: Lenny Abrahamson
Screenwriters: Jon Ronson, Peter Straughan, based on the original newspaper article by Jon Ronson
Producers: Ed Guiney, David Barron, Stevie Lee
Executive producers: Tessa Ross, Katherine Butler, Andrew Lowe, Nigel Williams
Director of photography: James Mather
Production designer: Richard Bullock
Costume designer: Suzie Harman
Editor: Nathan Nugent
Music: Stephen Rennicks
95 minutes

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America Is the Most Inhumane Developed Country on the Planet - Are We Going to Let It Stay That Way? This week marked the 65th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. What would it be like if people in the U.S. knew they had these rights? Photo Credit: December [...]

'Now no place is safe': Missile strike outside of tribal region likely to cause renewed protest across Pakistan - Common Dreams staff People gather at a seminary destroyed in a US drone strike in Hangu, Pakistan (Basit Gilani/EPA)For the first time in over five years, a U.S. drone attack has occured outside Pakistan's remote tribal [...]

By William J. Astore No wonder our leaders tell us not to worry our little heads about our wars - just support those troops, go shopping, and keep waving that flag. There is a new normal in America: our government may shut down, but our wars continue. Congress may not be able to pass a [...]

Pretend All You Like, It's Still Class Warfare by DAVID MACARAY It's an old joke, but it bears repeating: An Oxford professor meets a former student on the street. He asks what he's been up to lately. The student tells him he's working on a doctoral thesis about the survival of the class system in the [...]

Fifty years after King's historic march, the struggle for racial justice faces unprecedented challenges. They carried signs that demanded "Voting Rights," "Jobs for All" and "Decent Housing." They protested the vigilante killing of an unarmed black teenager in the South and his killer's acquittal. They denounced racial profiling in the country's largest city. This isn't [...]

Posted on 03 January 2014

The Perils of Progressive Media by John Johnson Last month we got an email from the Getty Foundation. They demanded $350 from Change- Links, claiming that we used one of their photos on a page from our Website from about three months ago. On it, we'd ran an article about a homeless families. To [...] Continue Reading

Posted on 03 January 2014

Poverty nation: How America created a low-wage work swamp For decades, both parties supplanted a push for higher wages with well-intended public aid. The result: calamity Joan Walsh 2013 is the year many Americans discovered the crisis of the working poor. It turns out it's also the crisis of the welfare poor. That's tough [...] Continue Reading

Posted on 03 January 2014

January 2014 Calendar Volunteer: Change-Links Change-Links needs a VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR to assist John in bringing together people to determine the necessary resources for continuing CL with the permanent, reliable status it enjoyed for over 20 years. The VC will also gather volunteers to provide for monthly newspaper production, delivery & subscriptions, computer [...] Continue Reading

Posted on 03 December 2013

The loudest calls for Social Security cuts are coming from CEOs who will never have to worry about their own retirement security. by Sarah Anderson David Cote, the CEO of Honeywell, has more than $134 million in his personal retirement fund. If I were sitting on a nest egg that big, I might feel a [...] Continue Reading

Posted on 03 December 2013

by Donna Smith Ah, the Affordable Care Act. We've all been inundated with the stories about the rocky launch of Obamacare's website, the policy cancellations that drop people from coverage rather than meet minimum standards required by the ACA, and other issues like the one I have faced with a deeply flawed subsidy/tax [...] Continue Reading

Posted on 03 December 2013

By John Johnson The last few weeks and especially this week there has been a lot of media coverage about Veterans. About supporting veterans, with medical care, jobs and support. Of course not much coverage of why we have so many. Why we have we got them killed and injured with our invasions in the [...] Continue Reading

Posted on 06 November 2013

We should thank all the volunteers who have help Change-Links since the beginning. We have other editors who taught me how to put the newspaper together. All those who have helped distribute Change-Links every month. A mainstay has been Dean who gets them out on the Westside and elsewhere and makes it by for every [...] Continue Reading

Posted on 04 November 2013

November 2013 Calendar Change-Links needs a VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR to assist John in bringing together people to determine the necessary resources for continuing CL with the permanent, reliable status it enjoyed for over 20 years. The VC will also gather volunteers to provide for monthly newspaper production, delivery & subscriptions, computer assistance for John, and [...] Continue Reading

Posted on 09 October 2013

Volunteer NEEDED for Change-Links Change-Links needs a VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR to assist John in bringing together people to determine the necessary resources for continuing CL with the permanent, reliable status it enjoyed for over 20 years. The VC will also gather volunteers to provide for monthly newspaper production, delivery & subscriptions, computer assistance for John, [...] Continue Reading

Posted on 09 October 2013

by Thom Hartman We're witnessing a 3-act play in America, and it's called "The Great Rejection of the Reagan Revolution." For more than 30 years, we've witnessed failed policy after failed policy, executed by both Democrats and Republicans, which have done nothing to help working class Americans, and everything to increase the power of corporate [...] Continue Reading

Posted on 09 October 2013

By Jay Rosen As things stand today, the Fourth Estate is a state of mind. Some in the press have it, some don't. Some who have it are part of the institutional press. Some, like Ladar Levison and Edward Snowden, are not. "I think if the American public knew what our government was doing, they [...] Continue Reading

Posted on 09 September 2013

by Bill Quigley "We believe most Americans would be stunned to learn the details of how these secret court opinions have interpreted...the Patriot Act. As we see it, there is now a significant gap between what most Americans think the law allows and what the government secretly claims the law allows. This is a problem, [...] Continue Reading


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Berkeley Township to get larger discount on flood insurance thanks to FEMA incentive program

BERKELEY TOWNSHIP - Berkeley township homeowners will get a 20 percent Coupon on their flood insurance premiums rather than the 15 percent they are already receiving.

The increase is because the township is getting an incentive from FEMA for taking steps to reduce flood risk.

Neighbors are thrilled with the change. "Twenty percent of $4,000 is an $800 savings so for us that would be a tremendous asset," says Sue Kosakowski.

MORE: Recovery: Day-by-Day

VIDEO: Superstorm Sandy's Lifespan

VIDEO: Chopper 12 over reconstruction efforts along Jersey Shore

Mayor Carmen Amato says he hasn't always agreed with FEMA, but he says he can't argue this decision.

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The best deals and events at Dubai Shopping Festival 2014 | The National

<Deal Newsp>It you haven't already got your shopping fix this sale season, you have until February 2 to do so. Apart from slashed prices at more than 6,000 retail outlets and 70 malls across the UAE, there's plenty more on offer. Here's your alternative guide to the 19th Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).

Royal carpet roll-out

Since 1996, the Carpet & Art Oasis exhibition has run in conjunction with DSF and Dubai Customs. Head down to Festival City to see the extraordinary collection of handcrafted designs including an 8.5metre-tall collage of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

* Open Saturday to Thursday, from 10am to 10pm and Fridays, from 4pm to 11pm Stylish spots

Trawling the malls this DSF are the Fashion Squad, a four-strong team of bloggers, style gurus and presenters from the region. If the crew singles you out in a mall for your snazzy threads, you'll receive shopping vouchers and be entered into a prize draw for a fashion shoot with a leading magazine. Check out the pictures posted so far on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #spottedDSF.

Diverse cultural exchange

The key DSF destination, Al Seef Street in Dubai, is shining a spotlight on the Bedouin culture this month. Learn more about the traditional ways of desert dwellers through the exhibition on the food, lifestyle, ceremonies and crafts of nomads from 12 different countries - from Sudan to Mauritania and Burkina Faso.

High-flying kids

Hailing all the way from Denmark, the Flying Superkids Show is drawing crowds daily to Dubai's Zabeel Park. To a soundtrack of pumping beats, a troop of talented tots and teenagers perform circus stunts, daring acrobatics and musical numbers.

* Shows will be performed daily at Zabeel Park at 5pm and 6.30pm until Saturday Winner takes all

If you are in any doubt whether to pick up a raffle ticket for one of DSF's many prizes when you next pass by an ENOC or EPPCO petrol station, read on. Nizar Ahmed from Syria was urged by an enthusiastic cashier to purchase one this month and ended up scooping a brand new runaround.

"The attendant was keen on selling the coupon to me," says Ahmed. "He confidently told me that this was the lucky coupon and would make me the winner of a Nissan car."

New brasserie brunch

A treat for weary feet this shopping season comes in the form of a new brunch at The Address hotel in Downtown Dubai, conveniently located next to The Dubai Mall. Every Friday from 12.30 to 4.30pm, visitors can enjoy à la carte options from the menu at Madeleine Café & Boulangerie. Top tip: ask for a table on the terrace and marvel at the dancing fountains.

* For reservations, call 04 438 4335 This week's top retail steals Craving Cavalli

Cash is king at Roberto Cavalli this month, with up to 50 per cent off select ready-to-wear pieces, accessories and footwear. Visit the label's boutique in Mall of the Emirates, call 04 341 4341 or head to

Undercover deals

With the advertising tagline "Even supermodels love a sale", who could resist a quick peek inside Victoria's Secret this month? From ladies separates to matching sets and cosmetics, the store's discounts of up to 40 per cent on more than 120 styles are not to be missed. Visit for more information.

Getting shirty

Stock up on discounted shirts from Thomas Pink this January while checking out the brand's new range at The Dubai Mall. Equally, Ralph Lauren has reduced the price of its iconic men's polo shirt to under Dh500. Available in red, blue and yellow cotton with big or small ponies. Call 04 341 4200 for details.

Cheap talk

If you're in the market for a new phone then Jacky's in Deira City Centre has a sweet deal. Spend upwards of Dh299 on devices from Samsung to BlackBerry and you'll receive a free Bluetooth set, car charger and memory card. The deal excludes ­iPhone handsets and runs until February 2. For details, visit or call 04 294 9480.

Spring clean

Half-price homeware is on offer at The One's stores across Dubai. Bargain-basement prices on dining room tables, beds and even candles can be found in Jumeirah Beach Road and Mall of the Emirates outlets. Our top pick: a cream 2.5-seater sofa for 25 per cent less at Dh4,121 - available while stocks last. Call 04 345 6687 or visit for details.